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    DragonBall Z : Afterlife RPG


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    DragonBall Z : Afterlife RPG

    Post  River! on Thu Apr 04, 2013 9:02 pm

    Dragonball Z After Life

    A Dragonball After Life rpg series. This is a site based on the need of the members and not on a site plot. You are in charge of creating your own destiny. If you want to become the strongest, you have the chance to be. With a power level system and a transformation system which can place you ahead of the rest.

    We have a shop, quests, and the chance to get the dragon balls. With a few other systems that include, tournaments, sparring, fighting, and many more. We have staff that are friendly and active to be accepting applications. We still have Leadership roles ready to be accepted. This includes the leader of Earth and the leader of the Namekians.

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