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    Experiment 443-CJ

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    Experiment 443-CJ

    Post  Ella Martenez on Mon Jul 02, 2012 3:50 pm

    Name: Sarah Bakers
    Eye coler: A deep Blue
    Wings:Brownish at the top, secondairys white
    Wing span: 15 feet
    Flock: Consists of 5 other pepole
    Age: 14

    Back story: Snached from her parents at young age, she was given wings. Her flock thinks she might have gotten magpie DNA. The five others in her flock, Travis, Halen, Hunter, Jessica, (aka Jess,) and Julia, have all been under her care since birth. Unknowingly, Sarah has feelings for Travis. Sarah's mother is the derector of Itex. I feel sorry for her. Her father was John, a man who had helped on the rescue mission of Velencia Martenez. Sarahs father had known Maximum Ride's mother. Her flock normally hung out around NYC. Sarah had found a winning scratch off lottery ticket and used it to buy an apartment in NYC. (Not telling you where!) So if they happened to need some down time, that was where they went.


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