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    Post  Max on Sun Aug 31, 2008 6:48 pm

    Biologically related only to Gazzy, Angel is the 'baby sister' of the entire Flock, and like a daughter to Max. She is six years old, with curly blonde hair and 8-foot-wide, pure white wings that together give her an "angelic" appearance. This causes her to immediately fall in love with the stuffed bear she calls Celeste, who is dressed up as an angel. She also owns a small, black Cairn Terrier dog, named Total, stolen from the Institute for Higher Living. He is a mutant as well, and has the ability to jump very high, speak, and grows wings in the 4th book.

    Angel is a very powerful telepath; in book one she 'influenced' a woman to buy her a stuffed animal in a toy store. Later she 'influenced' a police officer in School's Out Forever that 'she is in a hurry and that she should just let them go this time' after Fang is caught driving without a license. She can also breathe underwater, and talk to fish. Generally sweet-tempered, Angel exhibits a vicious streak when using her mind-control abilities. At one point she forced an Eraser to fall out of the sky and on another occasion made one run into a tree repeatedly. Although it seems her power may not work on Max, it is possible that she just is unwilling to mentally control Max. Some other characters have been able to block her mind control; in The Angel Experiment, Angel notices that Jeb is somehow able to block her mind-reading abilities, "as if he were dead". In Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, she tries to play mind tricks on ter Borcht and some Chinese scientists, but tells Max that she can't get into their heads (although she does seem capable of reading their minds). By Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports Angel has become quite effective at using her telepathy in combat. Even though uneducated, she is extremely smart for a six-year-old. In the fourth book she develops the ability to change her appearance, she can even grow feathers all over her body and make herself look like a large bird.

    In the second book, Angel once expressed a disturbing desire to take over Max's job as leader of the Flock and that information is used in a plot created by Max in Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports.

    Angel was kidnapped at the very beginning of The Angel Experiment and is known as Subject Eleven to the whitecoats. It is believed that Angel will become omnipotent later in life and will turn on the Flock. She seems sweet but she doesn't understand what the difference is between good and bad. There is also the possibility that whitecoats turned her against the Flock in The Angel Experiment and is having her wait to kill them. Angel is the first one to figure out that Max II is a fake (though perhaps after Fang, who later says to the real Max he figured it out when Max II "offered to make breakfast," a task the real Max usually leaves to Iggy), due to her telepathic abilities.

    In Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, she eventually betrays the Flock over to Itex, as agreed with Max in case something bad happened so that Angel would be on the inside and could get the flock out of trouble. Angel has to come to the rescue of the flock when they are stuck in a cage in the middle of the field waiting to be "retired" by the whitecoats.

    Angel is very mature and tall for her age, standing at 4'11, but succumbs easily to the joys of places like Disney World and the beach, as shown in the second book.


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