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    back ground info


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    back ground info

    Post  Max on Sun Aug 31, 2008 6:45 pm

    Ari is the son of Jeb Batchelder, one of the top scientists at the School, and half brother of Maximum Ride. Unlike the other hybrids, Ari spent his early life as a non-mutant human. When he was three years old, Jeb disappeared along with the Flock, leaving Ari at the tender mercies of the School's genetic scientists. The geneticists used Ari as an experiment, splicing his DNA with that of a wolf in order to create a new breed of Eraser that could live longer than the previous versions (those whose DNA had been spliced in the womb). But Ari has his downsides too. When his claws and fierce canines come out they burn his hand and gums. He admires Max, even though he wants to personally see to it that the light is drained from her eyes. Ari is willing to do anything to kill the entire group, especially Fang. Since he likes Max, he seemingly doesn't want Fang moving in on her. He even allowed whitecoats to put wings on him so he could ambush Fang in mid-air.

    Ari is the most 'wolfy-looking' of the Erasers, always in a partially morphed state, never quite human, never quite wolf. One time, he was mistaken for the X-men character Wolverine by a young boy at Disney World. While he was talking to the kid, the kid asks for his autograph and he signs "Wolverine with a flourish", but later in the series he can't write his own name.

    During the climactic fight scene in "The Angel Experiment", Ari fought with, and had his neck broken by, Max. He was killed, but came back from the dead in order to kill Max, because of the School realigning his spine. However, the broken spine may have even been a blessing in disguise for him, as it allowed the School's scientists to graft a full pair of wings on his back. Ari is now a Flying Eraser.

    Ari and Max share many similarities, the most obvious being that they are both mutants and both hear "their Voice" in their heads. In The Angel Experiment, the possibility that Ari and Max are siblings is discussed.

    In School's Out Forever it is revealed that Ari has a strong (but reluctant) admiration for Max. He even comes up with a plan to steal Max away, so she could 'read to him and play games with him'. However his wolfish-seven-year-old self shows through when he adds that he planned to cut off her wings.

    Ari's greatest desire is to have his father be proud of him, and is extremely and horribly jealous of how his father dotes on Max. He one time expresses a desire to choke his father until Jeb realizes he ought to pay more attention to him. His father is proud of him in School's Out Forever when Ari tells him of his plan to steal Max.

    Ari may appear to be an adult in many ways because of his genetic engineering. In the second book, you discover Ari's feelings and thoughts are often like those of his seven-year-old self. This is best shown when he goes to BestMart in the second book. Where he does all needed to steal a Game Boy and is also disgusted by a woman holding a bra in public.

    Ari also exhibits slight masochistic tendencies, as illustrated when he bites himself several times in School's Out Forever, because the pain 'felt better.'

    Ari joined up with Max's half of the flock in Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports. While the other Erasers were "retired" (killed), the whitecoats allowed Ari to continue to live, as his expiration date had recently appeared on the back of his neck, indicating that he'd die on his own anyway. After learning that his death is approaching, Ari becomes extremely depressed and seems to lose his hatred of Max and the Flock. When the Flock is held captive in the School, he shows Max some of the experiments and tells her of the whitecoats' plans for Re-Evolution, saying that even though he knows he will die soon, he hopes that the Flock can still escape and stop it. He helps Angel find Total (who the whitecoats took from the Flock) and breaks open a cage that they're trapped in. Realizing that the whitecoats will probably kill him for helping them escape, Max asks Ari to join them, much to the displeasure of the rest of the Flock (except, perhaps, for Angel). Ari is very grateful to Max for taking him in and promises to keep her safe. He joins Max's "mini-flock" when the Flock splits and goes with her, Angel, Nudge, and Total to Europe. During this time, Max notes that he doesn't talk much, as if he didn't think he had a right to an opinion. It is revealed that, because Jeb is Max's father, Ari is her half-brother. Ari tries to back up Max during her tests against Omega and later, when a mutant riot breaks out, uses his strength to literally "toss smaller mutants into the mosh pit of death". In the midst of the fight, he suddenly collapses. Max tries to find where he was hurt, but he wasn't injured. His time has run out and he suddenly expires, looking frightened and calling to Max.

    The first appearance of the Flock and Jeb is at Ari's make-shift funeral. Each of the flock drops dirt onto the casket, and most say a few words. Most of the Flock - primarily Max, Nudge, Total and Angel - break down and cry.

    Ari also had a Voice similar to Max's, as shown in School's Out Forever


    we're going to pretend Ari's still alive

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    Re: back ground info

    Post  Ari on Fri Nov 21, 2008 3:41 pm

    I'm Ari!

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