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    Post  Max on Sun Aug 31, 2008 6:42 pm

    "Roland ter Borcht
    Ter Borcht is a brilliant, albeit controversial, geneticist who was known for sinister experiments he performed on humans. He is one of the leading scientists at the School. Ter Borcht is first mentioned in School's Out Forever, when Max finds his name in some documents she stole from Itex and then finds out more about him through an online search engine. Later, when the Flock breaks into an Itex plant for information, they notice that Nudge's parents supposedly signed a document allowing ter Borcht to "treat" their baby.

    Ter Borcht meets the Flock in person in Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports. He tries to examine the Flock when they are re-captured and brought back to the School, in an attempt to see if they are worth sparing. Instead, the Flock becomes angry at the way he treats them and are rude and refuse to cooperate. Later, ter Borcht gases them and moves them into a cage to have them executed, as he said that they gave no reason as to why they should be spared. He is then knocked unconscious with a lead pipe by Angel, who was acting as a spy for the Flock. Max, Nudge, Angel, Ari, and Total run into him again in Europe, when he tries to get them to answer the questions of Chinese scientists who are interested in buying the Flock as weapons.

    The entire time, Ter Borcht seems firmly against allowing the Flock to live. He is described as having a heavy accent, like Arnold Schwarzenegger's. He is also described as fat and out of shape"


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