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    Tyler Dark


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    Tyler Dark

    Post  Dylan on Mon Mar 21, 2011 6:37 pm

    Name:Tyler Dark
    Hair color:brown with blond highlights
    Date of birth: 7/10/1997
    skin tone: slightly tane
    wing color: dark brown
    eye color:dark brown,almost black
    physical discription: Tyler usually wears jeans at have rips at the knees. He's 6'3 and likes to have his hair in a mini wave.He has gray Nike shoes and has a black t-shirt with white strips on top of the arms.
    Personality:Tyler has a somewhat parniod personality,he's pariniod of people taking him to the police or back to where he was made so he trys to stay away from people.He doesn't think before he speaks. When attacks he becomes hostile.
    Powers:read mind,can tell exact time, can control inmant objects
    extra info:Might change sides at anytimes.
    backround:Tyler was made in a sercert lab in Nebraska.He was personally rasiced by someone he called Blondie. As you can guess she had blond hair.He escaped when he was ten with the help of some dounghants..He almost got caught in his escape by Blondie. Because of that he doesn't trust alot of people. He taught himself to fly after many crash landings.

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